The age of the beginning of yoga is estimated to be around 4,000 years, and during this long period this discipline spread to many systems from spreading from India to the west.

Some of them benefit from meditation, the other breathing, and the third physical exercises. Some of these directions have been written somehow small and secret, and today many books are available to the general public. For practicing yoga, people today are deciding on different motives. Someone wants to achieve greater flexibility and vitality of the body or relieve the pain, someone is trying to relax the mind of everyday worries, while someone is eager to explore the depths of their own consciousness in the silence of meditation.

One of the most popular yoga walks in the West is called Hatha Yoga. She emphasizes exercises that include different specific positions that extend and strengthen the entire body, helping to develop a sense of balance and flexibility as well as body awareness and mind concentration. All types of yoga include breathing exercises that can raise the level of energy, relax the mind and balance many bodily functions.

Who can practice yoga?

Yoga unites the body, mind and spirit and can therefore be regarded as spiritual discipline, but one does not have to change their spiritual beliefs to practice these techniques. The goal of yoga is to restore natural relaxed and conscious state of mind and body. The many uses of yoga are available to young and old people, sick and healthy, and members of any religious community. Yoga also has positive effects on children. Exercises that are appropriate to their age help children through the game to develop awareness of their own body, stimulate them to physical activity and to maintain the health of the body and spirit from the earliest age.

Awakening of the harmony of spirit and body

In a multitude of different yoga systems available today in our country, you will no doubt find one suitable for your needs. Although a lot of information about the law is available today via the internet or numerous books, all techniques, and especially complex ones, are recommended to be run with expert guidance and respecting their current limits.

A modern man can hardly be relieved of the stressful challenges he carries everyday life. However, it is possible, by regularly separating moments of withdrawal of consciousness from an external noisy and accelerated world, turning to one’s body and inner inner levels, to achieve the harmony that we can learn to convey to the rest of the day and the activities that await us.